In the food industry, stainless steel is the most used material on production lines. From beverage industries to food packaging companies, each branch of the food industry chooses stainless steel for contact with food.

Filinox offers a wide range of food contact quality stainless steel wire which allows a multitude of applications in the food/culinary field. Thanks to its composition, stainless steel does not leave any harmful particles on the food and therefore does not alter its taste: Food-grade stainless steel wire, suitable for baking in the oven or for cutting cheese

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Exemples d'usages du fil d'inox

Chocolate guitar

The pastry guitar allows you to cut into strips, squares or rectangles and regularly all your pastry or chocolate preparations. The ropes are made of stainless steel wire. 

Cheese cutting thread

The wire to cut is made of Filinox stainless steel, food contact. This versatile utensil, very popular among cheese makers, is used to cut hard cheeses like Parmesan, as well as soft cheeses like camembert or brie.

Lyre for cutting 

The lyre to cut is indicated to obtain clean and thin cuts of your slices of foie gras or soft cheese. Your Filinox stainless steel wire will allow you to make all your cuts.

Les applications Filinox

Filinox, c’est une large gamme de fils en inox inoxydables pour des multiples utilisations.... Découvrez l’étendue des applications