Trellising and Viticulture
Trellising and Viticulture

Trellising and Viticulture

Discover our selection of STAINLESS STEEL wire coils for trellising your vines and fruit orchards, the choice of stainless steel will offer you incomparable mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.

A sustainable choice for arborists and grape growers:  high tensile (trellising line wire), low tensile easy to twist (anchor or brace wire)

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Exemples d'usages du fil d'inox


Your Filinox stainless steel wire allows you to make a solid and durable mooring for your vines. Winegrowers use it to anchor the row head post to the anchor. The "annealed" quality of the wire provides flexibility and maneuverability.


Your Filinox stainless steel wire is ideal for trellising your vines. This consists of attaching the stems of the plant to a structure in order to increase the yields and the quality of the grapes by ensuring good ventilation and exposure to the sun.

Les applications Filinox

Filinox, c’est une large gamme de fils en inox inoxydables pour des multiples utilisations.... Découvrez l’étendue des applications