Stainless steel cable
Stainless steel cable

Stainless steel cable

Build and secure with FILINOX stainless steel cables!

All our stainless steel cables are made up of 7 cables of each 7 relatively flexible wires around a central cable, guaranteeing a flawless robustness.

All stainless steel cables are available in coil or crown.

All stainless steel cables are available in 316 stainless steel, recommended for external installation, and are resistant to salt corrosion. 

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Exemples d'usages du fil d'inox


You can make your balustrade using the filinox stainless steel cable. A guardrail is a set of elements forming a barrier intended to protect people from the risk of falling and to retain objects.

Sailboat strut

The extra flexible stainless steel cables are used for rigging sailboats, dinghies or sport catamarans. All our cables are marine grade 

Trellising fruit tree

This is a technique that increases your returns. Trellising is the process of leading a plant onto a structure by attaching its stems and branches with Filinox stainless steel wire links.  The trellising of your orchards will allow you to reduce working time and labour costs.


Via a structure with Filinox stainless steel cable, you will be able to furnish your facade with resplendent climbing plants (wisteria, bignones, honeysuckle, etc.).


Your Filinox stainless steel wire is ideal for drying because it is corrosion resistant and leaves no marks on your laundry. In addition, it is resistant to the load.

Les applications Filinox

Filinox, c’est une large gamme de fils en inox inoxydables pour des multiples utilisations.... Découvrez l’étendue des applications