Welding Wire - Stainless Steel TIG Welding, Filler Metal


TIG welding, a specialty of Filinox within the welding category, stands out as the essential manual welding technique for stainless steel, particularly appreciated for its ability to create delicate yet robust welds. This process offers perfect finishing and remarkable strength. One of the main advantages of TIG welding is the compactness of its torch, which allows for precise welding in confined spaces or complex angles, where arc or MIG welding might be less effective.

Unlike MIG welding, often used for thicker pieces and filling work, TIG welding excels in applications requiring greater finesse and better weld control. Filinox offers a range specifically designed for TIG welding, suited for projects that demand both precision and strength. Whether for delicate metal structures, high-precision assemblies, or aesthetic finishes on stainless steel, our TIG range is the ideal choice for professional and lasting results.

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