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Bobine Ø 1 mm inox 308LSi

Stainless steel MIG welding wire 308LSi - Ø 1 mm - V2A - 1.4316, 15.00Kg 2400 meters

Réf : 0008905

In MIG welding, the solid stainless steel wire is a filler material or a welding wire: It is used for joining thick stainless steel parts, thus suitable for filling purposes. The 308L stainless steel is resistant to corrosion in acidic environments.

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2400 m
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In MIG welding, the solid stainless steel wire emerges as a key element in achieving high-precision welds, especially when joining thick stainless steel parts.

This type of filler wire, particularly the 308L stainless steel, is known for its exceptional properties, notably its enhanced resistance to corrosion in acidic environments.

This characteristic makes it particularly suitable for industrial applications where materials are exposed to severe corrosive conditions.

The use of solid stainless steel wire in MIG welding not only allows for effective and durable joining of stainless steel parts but also provides excellent penetration and optimal control of the weld pool, essential for quality filling welding.

The chemical composition of 308L stainless steel, with its low carbon content, minimizes the risk of intergranular corrosion, a significant advantage for the longevity of welded constructions.

Whether in the shipbuilding sector, the manufacturing of chemical equipment, or the food industry, the 308L solid stainless steel wire in MIG welding stands as a reliable and high-performing solution.