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Ø 0,85 to 1,50mm

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  • €25.00 - €400.00

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The spun beehive frames help to consolidate the wax. Your Filinox stainless steel wire allows you to support the beehive frames. Stainless steel wire allows the longevity of your hives. Used in the manufacture of hive frames, stainless steel wires have multiple advantages.


Your Filinox stainless steel wire can be used to cut wax and propolis bridges horizontally between two hive elements, without sticking to the middle, and at the slightest disturbance of the hive, frames, bees, and beekeeper. This allows a clean cut.

Les applications Filinox

Filinox, c’est une large gamme de fils en inox inoxydables pour des multiples utilisations.... Découvrez l’étendue des applications